After completing work on the Star Trek original series I transitioned to the next phase of the Star Trek stamps for Canada Post. This time around I was honoured to be asked to take the reigns on the project, from art direction, design to production. It was a gruelling few months but a rewarding experience to say the least. 

For this series it was a bit of bigger challenge to come up with a visual direction because we had to incorporate all ST series and ST The Wrath of Khan movie. We wanted to bring all the series together with an explosion of colour that is not like anything we've seen in any of the individual series. We also wanted the uncut press sheet, booklets and backgrounds to display the stamps in a modern visual space that was full of drama and excitement. I think with all the wonderful printing techniques, bold colours and added silver foils by Canada Post and Lowe-Martin, these stamps achieved what we wanted. 

Created at Signals Design Group.